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Florida Man Jerky

FRittles (freeze-dried skittles)

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Frittles are a very tasty treat with a fruity flavor.  They are not chewy and sticky....they are crunchy!  Do you remember Captain Crunch Crunch Berries???  Yea...they crunch like a crunch berry!

Get the Skinny

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your jerkies dehydrated?

Our meats are ALWAYS smoked and never dehydrated! Florida Man Jerky uses a blend of hickory and cherry wood to smoke the meat until it attains the moisture level required by the FDA to legally call it jerky.  This process takes about 3½ hours in a very high-tech smoker.

How do I keep my jerky fresh?

Florida Man Jerky is packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag and then a zipper bags for ease of consumption. Since we never use preservatives, we recommend refrigerating after opening...that is, if you don't eat the entire bag in one sitting.

Where do you ship to?

Florida Man Jerky is available for purchase online anywhere in the United States. Free ground shipping is available on all orders!